Please keep in mind

  • We are more likely to offer cash for books that are more valuable, like collectible or harder-to-find books.
  • We are more likely to offer cash for books that are more sellable, like authors and titles that sell quickly.
  • We are more likely to offer store credit for books that are more common and easier to find or that in our experience are slower sellers.
  • We buy perhaps only 5% of everything we’re offered–there are a lot of used books out there and we don’t have space for them all!
  • What we pay for books is related to what we can retail them for. To pay more for stock, we’d have to charge higher prices to sell it (which we probably couldn’t get away with, even if we wanted to).
  • Even if we can’t sell them, we don’t want to see usable books thrown away–we’re happy to recommend other stores that buy or trade books, as well as places that take donations.
  • You wouldn’t try to sell or donate expired or contaminated food, would you? If your books look like trash (for example, they’re in pieces), they probably are.
  • If you’ve read this whole page, you’ve probably noticed lots of “probably”s, “likely”s, “usually”s, and other ambivalent language. That’s because there are exceptions to every rule. When in doubt, ask!