Collection Accessories

Dust Jacket Protectors

Ever wonder how we keep our books
so shiny and clean, even as they’re
constanly handled by customers?
Gaylord dust jacket covers are
the secret of our success!

Acid-free, archival-quality, clear
sleeves won’t yellow or brittle
with age and are removable.
Protect book dust jackets from
soiling, rubbing, and tearing–
about the only thing they can’t
prevent is sun damage.

Available in assored sizes to fit
books up to 16″ tall.

Magic Rub Erasers

Never mark your books in ink! Use pencil
and you’ll always be able to clean them up
with a Magic Rub!

This is the best non-abrasive eraser for
removing pencil marks (and in some cases,
even smudging/soiling) from almost any
kind of paper. These erasers are much
gentler than the typical rubber kind, which
can damage the fibers of paper–especially
in older books whose paper has brittled
with age.

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