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We are a diverse team of people of all ages, cultures, and nationalities. Each one of them brings a particular perspective on board.

Who We Are

Our fledgling organization was formed in 2005. Initially, we were a group of book club members who had been meeting physically for about ten years. However, as careers and families got into the way, we found it difficult to enhance our group meetings. That is when somebody came up with the idea of creating an online space for discussions. The idea was that a person would read a book and share that information in a private online blog. After piloting this project for about five years, we decided to open the platform for everybody. Today, anybody can share information about any book on our platform.

We have been in the business of reading and analyzing books for the last two decades. Our work is based on finding the latest publishers and authors. There are so many authors today who produce best-selling novels, but most people don’t know them. Many of them have to spend a lot of money to publish their stories and promote them. Our platform is free and open to all offers. As a book lover, you will be able to offer criticism and feedback on new authors.

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