About Adams Books

Established in 1965, Adams Avenue Book Store is a general used book store with an inventory of 60,000 books in over 100 subject categories.

Our specialties include Theology, Biblical Studies and Church History, Philosophy, History, Literature and Poetry, and Children’s Books. We have large selections in the subject areas of American History and Western Americana, Military History (in particular World War II and Civil War), Literary Criticism, Shakespeare Studies, Art and Architecture, Mystery and Science Fiction, Jewish Studies, Eastern Religions, and Cook Books. We usually have good selections of German and French Philosophy and Literature, and we try to keep a good stock of Latin and Greek instructional resources and classic texts. We have smaller collections in a number of other subjects not listed here. Click on the “Browse by Category” link to the left to view a full list of subjects.

Only a fraction of our inventory (less than 10%) is cataloged for online sale and browsable through our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone if you’re looking for something specific you don’t find here. Unfortunately, because our inventory isn’t fully computerized, we don’t have the capability to maintain want lists for individual customers. We get new stock in daily, so please check back with us periodically if we don’t immediately have what you seek.