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5 Tools You Need to Create Perfect Display Storage for Your Valuable Reads

How often do you read books? Do you own books and/or magazines? Do you borrow or buy to read from your favorite authors?

Are you into antique book collection?
If you answer yes to any of the questions, this article is for you.
You must be wondering…

Reading is beneficial to both kids and adults, including seniors. Reading regularly can benefit you mentally and physically.

Nothing beats the smell of a new or old book. No Facebook or online magazine can replace the experience of reading a printed book the traditional way.

Although many people have turned to e-books, studies show that even just a page-turner can add happiness and health into your life.

However, 80% of Americans who’ve turned to reading e-books still buy and read printed books. Digital downloads are popular for their lighter load and convenience, but the joy of a good read the old-fashioned way goes without saying.

Reading books is a healthy habit with various health benefits.
It develops your thoughts, allows you to gain endless knowledge, and learn lessons while keeping your mind active. When you make reading a habit, you understand, learn and become smarter.
You also expand your vocabulary, knowledge and thought skills. The timeless form of information and entertainment holds stories, feelings and thoughts like nothing else.

⦁ Mental stimulation
⦁ Better sleep
⦁ Stress relief
⦁ Education and better memory
⦁ Improves concentration, focus and empathy
⦁ Stronger analytical skills
⦁ Tranquility and better writing skills
⦁ Brightens your day and develops self

Reading books is contagious. If you develop the habit, you’re likely to pass it to your kids who’ll benefit till old age.

Whether you read for knowledge or entertainment, the need to keep your books in proper storage goes without saying. You can buy a ready-made book shelf to display your antique book collectibles or new reads to keep them in good condition.

The look of your displayed books also adds an attractive appeal to your interior space.
You can also build your own DIY book cabinet storage that reflects your style and personality. If you opt for the latter, you’ll need some tools to get the job done.

Top 5 Cordless Woodworking and Power Tools for Building DIY Book Storage Display
Cordless woodworking and power tools are lightweight, portable, and easy to use and handle. They provide the freedom and flexibility of working anywhere.

The tools you’ll need to build your book cabinet storage include:

Cordless drills are available in different sizes and with a variety of features to carry out varied functions. The different drills possess unique driving torque or rotation power and driving power.

Keyed chucks allow for changing out drill bits. However, most drills are key less for fast manual loosening or tightening. The different drills include:

Hammer drills – used for drilling harder materials such as concrete, stone or masonry. The drills spin like driver drills but also drill holes faster in masonry due to its hammer action.

Drill drivers – used for boring holes and driving in screws into wood, plaster, plastic and metals. They feature various power settings and ⦁ two-speed ⦁ model options to give you greater control of your DIY project. You can easily adjust the chuck for increased versatility.

Impact drivers – used for driving screws faster into metal or wood for greater control. The hexagonal drill bits socket is easy to change out fast.

You can use any of the drills to drill holes into your wall if you want to install the cabinet onto it.

A circular saw

You need a circular saw for deep straight cuts. You can set the saw to make fast bevel cuts. Due to their limited batteries, you’ll find them handy when working on the wooden parts of your book storage cabinet.

When working on your project, you can adjust the cutting angle and depth of the saw to better suit your needs at any point.

Most models feature a standard dust port for extracting cutting wastes. High RPM translates to higher power and thus better efficiency. Other types of saws include scroll saws as described such as

A multi-tool
A multi-tool does multiple functions. You can fit its oscillating head with various accessories and cutters to sand, grind, scrape, etc. Adjust the position of the blade to get into hard-to-reach places.

The oscillation two-speed model moves side to side for increased variability and greater control over your DIY project. High oscillating speed translate to high power.

Reduce the speed to work on delicate parts of your project.

Angle grinder for increased versatility
Angle grinders cut, sand, grind or polish various materials such as tiles, metal, and pavers. You can easily change its accessories and parts as necessary.

Depending on the kind of book storage cabinet you’re building, choose from varied abrasions and thicknesses on wheels. Switch the handle to the right or left as you deem fit because the tool is made for both left- and right-handed users.

Adjust the safety guard to a desired angle to begin working on your cabinet.

A sander
You’ll find a cordless sander handy in your cabinet’s smoothing and detailing work. They’re fast and work even in tighter areas such as corners.

Multi-sanders are ideal for detailing jobs, corner sanders for hard-to-reach places, and orbital sanders for larger working areas

They allow for speed variability to give you greater control over your project. Remove the sanding pads to alter the grade of your sandpaper.

The right sandpaper grade depends on how smooth you want the surface of your book storage cabinet and the project at hand. Built-in duct collectors hold dirt and waste to keep your working surface clean.

With proper storage for your books, you’re bound to keep them in good condition and even pass them down your generation.

Therefore, when choosing the right tools to build your storage solution, consider your mobility, power needs, and weight and speed of the tool.

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